Shadow (shadow_springs) wrote in textbox_network,

1st and foremost

I'd like to welcome everyone for coming to the Textbox Netowrks Livejournal community. I'm _shadow_ on the TBN site. As for now they only active member of the staff would be 404.
As time goes on we will come up with the community rules that everyone must follow. TBN is dedicated to everything Tech related, everything from palm OS software to reverse engineering to simple news articles and "howto" tutorials. We invite everyone who is a computer enthusiast to join our team and try to help out with whatever they can. If you know the answer to a question some has, help them out - put your two cents in; if you have an interesting fact you'd like to share - don't hesitate to post it; if you found a new security flaw or a new "trick" with an old one - go for it, spread the wealth =) Here at Textbox Networks we're pro Open Source and for the Copyleft and as well as for the CreativeCommons Deed.
So tell your friends and strangers about us here and the site, theres surely lots more to come at the LJ community and some new things happening at the Textbox site. Keep checking back with us.
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